• FanT vs ak-101 393-0

    FanT vs ak-101

    FanT warred ak-101 earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder.
    We were all nervous as we didn't know what to expect as we believed ak-101 would be quite a challenge.

    The game turned out to be completely in our favour. We had seriously over-estimated ak-101's skill as we smashed them 393 tickets to 0. This is by far the biggest gap we've won by and we can now officially say that ak-101 is inferior to FanT.

    Shout out to HighStakes, DarkRenamon and TajTheWhiteTiger for covering the points and showing ak-101 no mercy as you slaughtered them!

    Round 1 185-0

    Round 2 208-0

    ak-101 Confirming Loss
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