• FanT vs BLM 348-0

    FanT vs BLM

    FanT warred BLM earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder. Was pretty nervous as the strat turned out to be quite messy as the round started. But mid-way through the game FanT's true spawn rape kicked in and we caped there points out and began the spawn rape.

    Shout out to Cheffy and LongTime for squad leading and managing to stick through with it :P

    Round 1 160-0

    Round 2 188-0

    BLM Confirming Loss
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    1. pjano's Avatar
      pjano -
      *capped their Rices geez lol
    1. Rices's Avatar
      Rices -
      Thanks for the English lesson mate
    1. LuvULongTime07's Avatar
      LuvULongTime07 -
      lol's auto correct seems to be working!