• FanT vs [OE] 300-0

    FanT warred [OE] earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder. We all thought it was going to be a close match judging [OE]'s huge win over TOG. However it turned out being a spawn lock half way into each round. We quickly gained air dominance which then lead to a total vehicle dominance. We managed to steal there tank in both rounds giving us a huge advantage.

    Big Shout out to Achimee for his heli rape in the second round which led us to spawn caping them. Achimee is no longer a boy but he is now a man.

    Round 1 132-0

    Round 2 168-0
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    1. Rices's Avatar
      Rices -
      LOL. Astro Anties is no longer a wingman. He is now 'THE' man