• FanT vs Team AvA 50-0

    FanT warred Team AvA earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder. This match was by far the closest and most intense match we've had. I think we all went in too relaxed thinking it would be an easy win. We were in for a surprise as Team AvA dominated us for the first 3 quarters of the first round. It seemed as though we were going to get spawn locked until we somehow made it across the river and flanked there points bringing us back into the game. As round 1 was nearing to an end we had about 20 tickets left to there 80 but we controlled 3 points. At the end of this round it became the most intense round we've had as we were down to 1 ticket and everyone holding their spawns causing us to win the round.

    As round 2 started we knew we needed to play well as Team AvA were a good clan. We rolled in luckly taking the 3 points at the beginning and controlled this until the ending part of the match where Team AvA managed to gain the upper hand and control C. We had 150 tickets to their 40 at this point. The round ended 49-0 in our favour.

    All in all it was a great game and let us realize that we can win against the top level clans.

    Shout out to everyone who showed up for the good game and everyone's team-work and discipline as without it we would've lost for sure.

    Round 1 1-0

    Round 2 49-0
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