• FanT vs Team AvA 132-0

    FanT warred Team AvA earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder.

    The wind was soaring through Caspian Border today, as the streets were empty and the bird were chirping. Until FanT came into conflict on this vicious battleground by the mercenaries known as Team AvA.

    Round 1:
    As the battle started FanT went in with a full ground air and tank assault on 3 out of the 4 points which proved successful. As the attack had gone successfully it aloud FanT to lay their tents down and hold the points. Team AvA were no easy enemy as they consistently stole our Tents and camped the points themselves. This vicious battle caused the round to end in FanT's favour but just barely.

    FanT win
    FanT - 17
    Team AvA - 0

    As the second round took way we had re-organized our strat to more suit AvA's attack plan. This caused FanT to have the upper hand right from the beginning allowing us to win the round.

    Shout out to Tajies squad for consistently trying to take back/hold C. Which in the end gave us perfect placement to hold B causing us to win

    FanT win
    FanT - 115
    Team AvA - 0

    Round 1 17-0

    Round 2 115-0
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      Good win guys.