• FanT vs Iron Bunnies 543-0

    "It was a windy day on Wake Island earlier today. Too windy. A wind of windy death and deathly change. A fantasy wind.
    Team FantasyBattlefield squared off against team Iron Bunnies as Wake Island's thriving coconut shops all closed their shops for business at the end of the day. The tourists jumped back in there RHIB tourist boats and went to a safe distance to watch the exciting action take place. We were nervous going into this matcha s we didn't know what to expect from team iron Bunnies, seeing as they are such a well known clan from there BFBC2 days.

    Round one saw an exciting start for Fant, blitzkrieging all points in a windy coconut destroying way as our air dominated there air
    which allowed our ground forces to hold all points. There was a struggle to mantain B as IB fought back strongly but there where too many coconuts rolling around on the floor which impeded IB's progress resulting in a 300 ticket lead for FanTies.

    Round two had FanT defending and some clever spawns saw the fants repelling the IB assault time and time again as they bravely and coconutly tried to overwhelm our caps. Our air didn't do as well in this round, somehow crashing into each other, possibly due to the windy conditions, maybe distracted by the camera flashes going off from the nearby tourist boats (who can say?) but they were able to comeback and regain air control. Can't remeber the ticket count this time but you know still alot.

    It was a close and thrilling contest that will be remebered for at least the next day, day and a half."

    Shout out to our air squad. Absolutely dominated them. The funniest thing was at the ending point of the first round. Having both our jets hovering by their cap spawn killing their team in the F35's. Made me lols

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      lixle -
      Well done guys, seems you had lot of fun.
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      Neo_kenlytony -
      nice...our clan are so great