• FanT vs Death Inc 288-0

    Today FanT warred Death Inc in a bloody battle for control of Caspian Border. Written below will be a indepth description of the events that occurred.

    Round 1: FanT Win 155-0

    The wind was calm and the soil was dry as the gypsy's occupying Caspian Border fled from the rolling thunder made by the Ground and Air Forces of FanT and Death Inc.

    As round 1 made way the FanT roll out when to schedule but encountered a unexpected move by DI as 1 of their jet's bailed close to our uncap and disabled our Heli with a stinger. By instinct Astro Ant looked for the closest gypsy encampment and landed the heli to borrow some tools and repair it. Being the gypsys they were they quickly revealed Ant's position to DI which allowed their chopper to move in quickly for the kill.

    Our Air Attack suffered a heavy loss and DI was looking threatening as they controlled 3 points to our 1 from the jet bails. This quickly swayed sides as our brave tank's rolled in on hilltop and quickly overwhelmed DI's forces with the support of both our ground squads.

    From here things started to look good for FanT as Astro learnt not to trust gypsy's he quickly gained air superiority back and our ground forces rolled through the cap's and had occupied a couple of the old gypsy tents in anticipation for DI's counter attack. This proved successful as FanT controlled Hill Top for the entire round allowing causing us to win.

    Round 2: FanT Win 133-0

    As the soil was filled with the blood of a past battle and the wind was gailing from the air vehicles, FanT and DI met again for another battle for the control of Caspian Border.

    With the round starting, DI managed to cap out 3 points to our 1 again with some well placed jet bails. This shook the FanTies heart momentarily as we knew it could turn into a DI controlled round.

    The FanT heart was quickly healed as we placed a deathly blow onto HillTop in a effort to cap it with 2 full inf squads and a tank rolling into the centre of the point. From here we quickly gained word via our scout Pigeons that we had air superiority and both the enemy tanks were destroyed. With this good news FanT quickly laid a pin point strike on 'B' which proved successful as DI were preoccupied defending 'D' their primary cap from our air/tanks.

    As the initial strike had been completed and proved yet again in FanT favour. We quickly took refuge in the old gypsy tent's and camped there awaiting DI's counter attack's. With the help of the gypsy tents and Astro's newly found knowledge to not trust live gypsy's for resources we held dominace for most the round allowing FanT to win the round.

    All in all it was a good game and a shout out to the team as a whole as we seemed to have no weakpoint in this match. With good comm's and skill.
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