• FanT vs ADF 161-14

    FanT warred ADF today as part of the 16v16 GA ladder. The match was intense and bloody as both sides counted heavy loses in each round. The content below will describe the horrific battle that took place.

    Round 1: FanT 0 - ADF 14
    FanT Russian

    As round 1 took off so did the FanT strat that we have practiced time and time again. We had the strat go out perfectly as we capped D and C. This was shortlived however as I personally witnessed our jet go down within the first minute of battle, after watching this I knew we were about to be rocked.

    My vision became reality as not soon after their heli was over C raping the FanTies into the ground and quickly caping it after this. FanT was outnumbered 3 flags to 1 for quite some time giving ADF a healthy 80 ticket lead, until we managed to get back in the game and caped A, C from behind them. At this point in time our air was back up and supporting us on the ground allowing us to break perfectly even with ADF at 33 tickets left each. However as the round was nearing this brutal end, our chopper went down and theirs went up allowing ADF to retake A and cap D from us allowing them to win the round.

    Round 2: FanT 161 - ADF 0
    FanT USA
    ADF Russian

    As round 2 was about to begin I could hear all the shaken FanTies. With adrendaline flowing through all their veins they could hardly hold the mouse still. Until Rices did his all inspiring FanTies battlecry("Rawr") to put the FanT heart back in place allowing us to set our mind back on the battle.

    With the start of round 2 the FanT rollout went to plan again this time with a very good start. I witnessed again a death in the air, but this time is was Jatoba's(Heli Gunner) TV missile hitting ADF's heli for a direct hit sending it into the ground. With witnessing this I yet again did a public battlecry("Rawawawawr") and knew that this was the round for us to make our move.

    There was a ferocious battle that took place at C as ADF tried to take it with a rolling thunder attack. However as this battle was going our tank's snuck behind and took D from under them. As FanT won the ground battle at C we quickly made a strike on B with the support of our heli which was circling the point. This resulted in a quick cap and allowing FanT to hold all 4 points. As our jet's had air superiorty they spawn camped the enemy air the entire round allowing our heli to have a massive advantage on their ground. Part way through the round ADF managed to cap A but were unable to strike successful offenses on the other cap's, besides an exchange of cap A to cap D.

    This saw FanT to win the round with a decently sized ticket count allowing us to win the game.

    Big shoutout to XQlusive-Ace and Farted for putting the immense pressure on their air and allowing us to win the second round. Without this im sure the FanTies could've seen the tides turn.
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