• Ghost Recon: Alpha - Live-Action Film

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    1. SPAM-ER-ER's Avatar
      SPAM-ER-ER -
      Fucking Epic
    1. Guilmontoast's Avatar
      Guilmontoast -
      Posted this a while ago, yeah it is pretty epic, can't wait for my pre-order on thursday.
    1. Blynxz's Avatar
      Blynxz -
      Not sure whether to buy this or not.
      Looks great. I probably should.
      Is it worth it to get the Signature or Collectors edition when I can just preorder the standard game for $38?
    1. Guilmontoast's Avatar
      Guilmontoast -
      I've been playing it for a few hours now, i just got the standard edition, great campaign havn't played any of the other modes yet.