• FanT vs Lg

    FanT eliminated in GA 16v16 Finals Round 2.

    Thought I might as well at least try to do a positive writeup.

    We were all there, we all saw the match, tried out best. Not much more needs to be said.

    Great work everyone, I'm sure it would of been nice to finish first, but I think we can all agree we have gone further than we ever would of thought.

    We should all thank each other for playing and especially Rices for all the effort he spent getting everyone organized for each match we have had so far.

    FanT vs Legionnaires -------FanT Loss 0-355
    FanT vs Karnage Krew ----- FanT Loss 0-251
    FanT vs UK ------------------ FanT Win (Forfeit)
    FanT vs Carnage ------------ FanT Win 140-55
    FanT vs ADF ----------------- FanT Win 161-14
    FanT vs Death Inc ----------- FanT Win 288-0
    FanT vs Iron Bunnies -------- FanT Win 543-0
    FanT vs Team Unknown ---- FanT Loss 0-287
    FanT vs Team AvA ---------- FanT Win 132-0
    FanT vs Team AvA ---------- FanT Win 50-0
    FanT vs Hells First Infantry - FanT Win 516-0
    FanT vs Oceanic Eagles ---- FanT Win 300-0
    FanT vs BLM ----------------- FanT Win 348-0
    FanT vs ak-101 -------------- FanT Win 393-0

    Round 1: FanT loss. RU = 136-0

    Nice work flying the heli Gunators!

    Round 2: FanT loss. US= 0-199

    FanT, If we not busy making others rage quit. We are doing it ourselves :P
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    1. astro_ant's Avatar
      astro_ant -
      Looooosers!!!!!! Haha nah bad luck guys, sorry I couldn't make our last game
    1. Archie's Avatar
      Archie -
      You got stomped lololololo
    1. Streth's Avatar
      Streth -
      Yay for 2 x positive KDRs <---- this, the chicks dig, right?
    1. Bundy's Avatar
      Bundy -
      chin up boys, you beat alot of other well respected clans to be there!
    1. Jatoba Bokken's Avatar
      Jatoba Bokken -
      NOW I KNOW HOW SASHA FEELS gugugugugug