• FanT server update - Notable Changes.

    Spent quite a bit of time this weekend going through and updating the server admin & settings.

    Some things to note:

    - Significantly improved the Auto-Balancer.

    - Added a vote based system for the capped out team - !surrender

    - More Server stats Commands: !rank, !session, !playeroftheday, !top10 !weektop10, !surrender, !dogtags

    - Knife, repair tool, roadkill, defib kill chat message

    - Kill streak messages: Starts from 15 kills - Gets reset when killed & revived - no way to stop that

    - Auto map, if server is low it will only play metro. If more than half full it will replace metro. (Might change this to another map, or limit metro to every 2nd rotation.

    - Added ability for admins to use "!" instead of "/" ! will make the action public to all players in the server.

    - Admins must wear the FanT tag while ingame.

    - Admins must put a reason on the end of every action.

    Admin list update:
    Admin rules update: