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    by Published on 8th May 2012 09:29 PM

    Today FanT and HB teamed up to fight the mighty allies AA and ADF.

    The map was Wake Island.
    The players were 64.
    Condoms were handed out.
    None were used.

    Round 1: FanT & HB Win 218-0
    FanT & HB - US
    ADF & AA - RU

    As the round was about to start, I could hear an eerie silence set upon the Carrier. No man was speaking and no vehicle was spawned. Simply the sound of metal on water.

    Upon the horizon we could see many a foe contemplating their defense from the mighty FantasyBadger attack.

    With Round 1 kicking off. Our roll-out went to plan, We had a multi-staged attack on both D & E and A & B. We had men flying in via helicopters. Men swarming in via TankBoats along with men simply going in on boats. The beginning of the road saw FanTHB make a successful assault on A & B but were met with heavy resistance at D & E.

    We decided it was our time to strike. We laid a full force attack on C (Airfield). Which was met by dozens of angry NN's(ADF & AA tag). Our attack on Airfield failed time and time again as they had a huge fortified defence setup. They had all their tanks pulled back to C to ensure that no Man, Women or Child would see the airfield.

    During this attack on C the FanTHB's over at D & E had successfully gained E and were attempting to capture D which was proving unsuccessful.

    We were met with a dilemma as NN had C & D fortified and we couldn't push them out. Along with this our air was spawn capped.
    We decided to lay the wrath of 1000's suns on NN and just did relentless waves of attack.
    However these attacks failed, we managed to keep NN defending these 2 points for the remainder of the match. Allowing FanT and HB to pull off a win 218-0.

    Round 2: FanT & HB Win 264-0
    FanT & HB - RU
    ADF & AA - US

    As round 1 had finished, I could hear the cheering FanTies and Honies from all over Wake Island. I heard gunshots going off far after the match had finished and I knew that these were no mere targetted shots. But the shots of joy as we pulled off a successful first round against the unstoppable foe of AA & ADF.

    With the beginning of round 2 we decided that THEY SHALT NOT PASS. And we had just under a dozen infantry holding their spawn. Awaiting NN's attack on the island.

    As expected NN did a double jet bail on C. This was a anticipated move on our end and NN were met by just under a dozen infantry, a helicopter, a tank and a mobile AA.

    These para-troopers of NN were pillaged, tbagged and sexually abused before FanTHB decided to let them die. We did this in the hopes to turn them off sending in more para-troopers. This proved unsuccessful as NN sent in wave after wave of cannon fodder on C. Which were mutilated each time by our infantry and willing chopper who was simply sitting their waiting.

    As this slaughter at C was taking place so was a battle at A & E. NN were attempting to lay claim of our caps which provded unsuccessful for sometime until they claimed a foothold on B. From here they attempted to flank the Airfield but were quickly foiled as we waisted not 1 minute in laying a full-force attack on B to cap it back. From here FanTHB controlled the map for most of the round.

    Towards the ending quarter of the round me and my loyal men Andrew, ZeBearJew and RumGut who were all at B, started to hear a sound. We asked eachother what is was, not sure of this sound of whether or not it was a final attack plan of NN, we started running towards C to see what it was. As we were running it started to clear out. "blood for the blood god" "BLOOD for the blood god" "BLOOOOOD FOR THE BLOOOOD GOD". And we noticed that the FanTHB's at airfield had started to chant to instill fear into the hearts of NN as they laid their final attack.

    The brave souls that fought in this battle will never be forgotten. For as in my mind every man fought to their best ability. Even though no condoms were used, and buttblood was everywhere, every man left the battle dignified.

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