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    by Published on 23rd July 2011 11:26 PM

    Battlefield 3 Top 10 best new things!!!

    This is just my list of what im looking forward to :P

    1. Great Realism! the support class can lay down suppressive fire making the enemies vision go out of focus and along with that, scare the shit of them :P
    2: 64 player maps = twice the ownage. Time to get ready for those epic fuckin standoff's again where people are dieing here there and everywhere.
    3. Big range of weapon modifications like being able to swap your defrib in assault for an under-barrel grenade launcher or something
    4: Unlocks are guna be harder to get again so not every noob and his girlfriend have the best unlocks like in bad company 2 :P
    5. You can opt out of revives! No more of those rev's just to die again immediately
    6: Sniper Glare - when the snipers scope reflects off of sunlight it will give their position away :P die campers
    7. Being able to prone again like in BF2. Even tho its gunna become annoying when people dive behind small stones and you can't hit em lol.
    8: Real world ranks and proper hard ranking so there will never be like 5+ top ranks in a server again. Good feature from BF2 where it takes you forever to reach high ranks.
    9. Jets - dunno bout you guys but im guna buy myself a joystick to do some jet whoring
    10: Micro-destruction. Guna blow down them fuckin buildings

    What are the top things that are guna make BF3 alota fun for you?
    by Published on 21st July 2011 10:46 PM


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