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    by Published on 26th April 2012 09:57 PM

    FanT warred Carnage today as part of the GA 16v16 ladder.
    The map: Caspian Border

    Round 1: FanT Win 140-0
    As the round kicked off FanT had fear stilled into their heart as the high flying air-balloons which had Carnage's sponsors all over them, purposely flew over our cap. After seeing this we decided shit was gun get real. So we kicked off our strat which we had been planning for day's, all to go down in a matter of two minutes.

    The gun battle between Carnage and FanT began at 'C'(HillTop) as both clans made an aggressive attack to capture the point. For two minutes bullets were exchanged. I witnessed many friendly and foe go down side-by-side. The blood of war is still caught in my eyes from this moment. Luckly with the FanT heart being strong as it is we held off the Carnage invasion and launched a massive counter-attack.

    At this same point in time their was a battle of the air being played out directly above our heads. I heard rockets flowing, mini-guns shooting and stingers being locked as the control for air was being fought for ever so hard. Due to our pilots extreme skill and heroism we came out on top in both the air and the ground on the initial battle.

    As our counter-strike began FanT launched a massive offensive on the caps 'B' and 'D' which were met with heavy resistance, but fell quickly under the might of our Chopper[Code Name(Angel)] which was circling the point 'B' allowing for an easy cap. 'D' was capped the very same moment by our two Tanks[Code Name(Knight)].

    After all the FanT blood had been spilled. We decided NO MORE. And we spawn camped Carnage until just before the very end where they launched a small offensive which was easily foiled.

    Round 2: Carnage Win 55-0

    As round 2 started, the beer's that most FanT's had next to their keyboards started to click open on teamspeak, as the FanT heart was going strong from the prior rape that we had caused. I could hear the birds chirping and FanT's singing as we were so pleased with our selfs for taking on such a vicious foe.

    This came in and bit us in the toe as Carnage came into the battle very butthurt and ready for revenge.
    The FanT rollout went to plan with some minor glitches(A few friendly team-kills, 'Stop trying to mimic Karnage Krew guys').
    We were met with heavy resistance in the woods of 'B' as the three happy FanTies were met by a gang of no less then 8 butthurt Carnage's who took no hesitation in ripping our anus. With our cries for help we warned the FanTies at 'C' and 'D' of the impending rape to come.
    After hearing our wimpers and cries the FanTies were so surprised that they fought back with vengeance which saw 'D' be properly defending but 'C' could not withold the Carnage Onslaught.

    At this point in time Carnage held 3 points to FanT's 1 and had clear air dominance as they spawn camped our air. FanT tried attacking 'C' with all our might but proved unsuccessful for some time as they had a Tank parked right in the middle of 'C' surrounded by engineers.
    We called in the 'Knights'(Tank Crew) for support which swiftly came and provided enough cover for us to cap C back.

    From here FanT and Carnage exchanged the points 'C'/'B' for sometime until the tickets were down to 5 tickets left for FanT with 70 odd left on Carnage.

    We decided NO. THEY WILL NOT WIN BY THAT MUCH. And we put through a global order to hold the FanT spawns. Which surely enough saw Carnage to win by only 55 tickets.

    FantasyBattlefield yet again comes out victorious on the forests of caspian border
    Published on 26th April 2012 08:31 PM

    Gents, Honey Badgers and Fantasy battlefield were thinking of organising 32 v 32 friendlies.

    Wtf do you mean Logzorz? - We know most of the teams on the GA ladder cant field a full 32 team, so were asking allies and enemies alike to pair up with a fellow clan and play!

    How? - You put 3 times and days both team can make it, the server will be passworded and the game played.

    Anyone Interested can leave clan/team names here, preferably along with their partners!

    Map Pool will be the same as GA, all guns allowed except M26 Mass, until it is fixed.

    This is no more than an idea at this stage and any feedback / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Fantasy Battlefield have kindly offered up their #2 server for the scrims.

    I hope to see this take off and if trolling could be kept to a minimum it would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    - Logzorz

    by Published on 20th April 2012 12:37 PM

    But you've probably all subscribed to Phaser anyway