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    by Published on 21st February 2012 08:11 PM
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    FanT warred [OE] earlier today in a 16v16 as part of the GameArena ladder. We all thought it was going to be a close match judging [OE]'s huge win over TOG. However it ...

    Overall Win/Loss - 19/4
    FanT Battle History

    GameArena 10v10 Rush Ladder
    FanT vs Carnage ------------ FanT Win 9-8

    GameArena 16v16 Conquest Ladder

    FanT vs Legionnaires -------FanT Loss 0-355
    FanT vs Karnage Krew ----- FanT Loss 0-251
    FanT vs UK ------------------ FanT Win (Forfeit)
    FanT vs Carnage ------------ FanT Win 140-55
    FanT vs ADF ----------------- FanT Win 161-14
    FanT vs Death Inc ----------- FanT Win 288-0
    FanT vs Iron Bunnies -------- FanT Win 543-0
    FanT vs Team Unknown ---- FanT Loss 0-287
    FanT vs Team AvA ---------- FanT Win 132-0
    FanT vs Team AvA ---------- FanT Win 50-0
    FanT vs Hells First Infantry - FanT Win 516-0
    FanT vs Oceanic Eagles ---- FanT Win 300-0
    FanT vs BLM ----------------- FanT Win 348-0
    FanT vs ak-101 -------------- FanT Win 393-0

    Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Ladder

    FanT vs Digital Ascension --- FanT Win 325-0
    FanT vs Sons of Alexander - FanT Win 426-0
    FanT vs The Liquidatorz ---- FanT Win 383-0
    FanT vs Affliction ------------ FanT Win 250-0

    Cybergamer 4v4 Rush Ladder

    FanT vs TG Bounty Hunters FanT Win 4-2
    FanT vs Team Revolt ------ FanT Win 4-2
    FanT vs Death Inc ---------- FanT Win 4-2
    FanT vs [ADF] Clan -------- FanT Loss 1-4

    Freeplay 16v16 War's

    FanT vs [ADF] ------------- FanT Win 160-0
    FanT vs WP Platoon ------- FanT Win 83-0
    FanT vs AIM Recon -------- FanT Win 200-0
    by Published on 18th February 2012 05:59 PM

    So he goes and shits on everyone's faces with Rendezook, now he puts this shit out