Make this a sticky...

Not sure if I'm blind but fucked if I can find a link to FanT TS here.

Thought I'd jump on & say gidday. Haven't used TS in 3 years since first daughter was born & am conscious of waking the house.
Used to use 7.1 speaker setup but with the family now, have had to resort to shitty old headphones (maybe not so shitty as have a set of Audio Technica's) so TS might be okay as long as I don't get too excited

If any1 is keen on a good headset I'll dig out where I got the Audio Technica's from. Cost around $200 shipped from the states I think but at the time they were going for around $500 in NZ. They aren't as good as the cheap Creative 7.1 speaker setup I have but are far superior to any of the "surround" headsets I've tried.

Getting sidetracked & waffling on... back to where I started... WHATS THE TS ADDRESS?

I may not be able to join frequently as I often play in the early hours of the morning before work... then the kids go to bed about when I get home... When we get to build a new home then my "man cave" will be sound proofed and no problems with noise.. till then I'm fucked