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    Ell Day

    Hey guys if you could spare 5 minutes of you time to check out my new you tube channel i would be very grateful.

    Iv started a gaming channel and am attempting to post a new video up 3 days.

    Also please can you give me some feed back to the quality of the channel (looks) also please can you give your honest opinion of the video quality and if it apeales or it just (excuse my french) sh!t.

    If you do like the channel please can you subscribe and pass the videos on to more viewers for me.

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    Yo man, only watched the BF3 vid you have up so far, quality isn't too bad but you might benefit from upping the bitrate a tad - quality drops in the fast moving/changing scenes (e.g. when you're in the minigun seat flying near the ground). With the sound, personally I think the voice over needed to be a bit louder and the ambient music/game sounds needed to be a bit more quiet, the music in particular was a bit distracting. It's ok to leave the music in but I needed to turn the speakers up a little to make out what you were saying clearly.

    Best of luck with the channel

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    Good use of music
    overall quality seems good
    maybe directly after the intro sequence as the video is starting give a short intro/summary of what the video is about
    edit: Outlast - First Look/ Impressions & Trailer good example of intro but you need to turn down the background noise a little bit
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